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That’s me! I completely and utterly sluttily gave up information (obvious, but verified) to a gossip-razzi site last week, for MONEY. It was a truly surreal experience, but the person harvesting my knowledge was actually really cool, and happened to share my politics. I have more to tell them on the subject, too. Never underestimate that whole six-degrees-of thing.

P.S. I’ve been engaged for a month now!

P.P.S. I also need to write about meeting  my other love. Am still too overwhelmed/ADD-ridden.



-at least I’m guessing it is a plant.  After all, Obama’s developed quite a green thumb lately. Inspired by Patterico and his excellent-as-always investigations, I’m now even more skeptical (is that possible?) of every instance of Obama Amateur Theater.

At today’s health care town hall held in Grand Junction, Colorado, it was an expectedly warmer audience than yesterday’s Montana appearance. And of course we’re now listening extra hard at the intent of each “random” civilian chosen to ask a question. This one really, REALLY stood out to me today:

(Applause.)All right, gentleman right here in the t-shirt.  Hold on one second, we got a mic coming.

Q    Thank you for coming to Colorado.  It’s a great place.

THE PRESIDENT:  It’s a great place.  (Applause.)

Q    You touched on this.  I would like you to expand a little more.  This problem with misinformation in our country, it seems to me that it’s not only just hurting health care reform, health insurance reform, it’s dividing our country.  (Applause.)  Is it not maybe time — I think we all know where it’s coming from.  Is it not time that something can be done — okay, I got to watch what I’m saying, but —

THE PRESIDENT:  Well, look, let me — let me just — let me address this. 

Maybe it was just the Fox coverage, but I don’t remember getting to see the question-asker’s face. He also doesn’t say his name. Wouldn’t be a big deal, but every single other question in this particular town hall had a name, a face, or a short biographical backround included. Some shared only a first name, others first, last, and full name of their place of employment. See full text of the meeting here.

Of course I would never have noticed the fact that this “gentleman in the t-shirt” chose to not reveal his name or profession had he not asked the question he did. But he asked a very fishy question, indeed. Or wait, I’d actually say it was more of a statement than a question, don’t you think?

So we can’t see him, don’t know his name, don’t know his (supposed) profession. How will we ever be able to prove he’s just a Team O plant? Exactly.

or, Meghan “I have more followers than you” McCain learns that quantity does not equal quality.

first, IKNOWIKNOWIKNOWIKNOW I need a new topic. It will happen someday soon, after someone answers this question (and then we’ll get to the comedy):

do you remember this, by chance?


Okay. Let’s forget how rude, classless and catty that was of Princess MeMe. Let’s just take her at her word. She doesn’t care, right? She’s independent-thinking, a Maverick, doesn’t need anyone else to “represent” her badassness except her badass self. Got it! Soooooo…what happens about four days later? RIIIIGHT. Her Daily Beast column downright obsessing over–and misquoting--Michelle Malkin. What happened, Meghan? Were you kidding about caring, did you decide you really did care, or should I just continue to not take you seriously?

Maybe we should turn to her followers to answer the question. After all…

I don’t know exactly what about me threatens them [Malkin et al] so much, other than that people are listening to me.

Here is what they are saying. These are real tweets gathered over the past few weeks. Behold, the influence of the Voice of the Young GOP Generation, if Meggie Mac were Queen:

achura: stares at Megan McCain’s last tweet and wonders wtf… 2 days ago reply

Marttito: Megan mccain should get that dick out of her mouth all you right wing pricks are all fucking clowns. 3 hours ago reply

aronmorris: Dumping girlfriend. Dumping Meghan McCain. Turning over a new leaf. 3 hours ago reply

ActiveMissouri @DLoesch: Beast and Meghan McCain go hand in hand so i guess a fitting match. 16 hours ago reply

BrentTeichman RT @DLoesch: Founder of Daily Beast onstage. The woman who gave Meghan McCain a platform. #blogher09 <–Can u ask her why she did that 2 us? 16 hours ago reply

Con_Brawler: Although, I do consider it a travesty that Meghan McCain has over 50k followers by tweeting about her boobs and her apartment #tcot yesterday reply
JackInTheHouse @Con_Brawler Haha, no kidding huh. re: Meghan McCain… and discussed more recently by her was masturbation jokes. Girl needs a bf or hobby. yesterday reply

fragolina82: I don’t wanna be a hater or anything, but it seems Meghan McCain is getting a lot of credit just for not being a horrible person. yesterday reply

andrewwaldner: Wish Meghan McCain would write an interesting article sometime soon. “Just Tax” really isn’t worthy of an article. yesterday reply

bytesize23b @Symbolman Meghan McCain thinks she famous and wants to be verified. She is very naive. 2 days ago reply

HerreraMatt @McCainBlogette Crazy is not all that attractive, Meghan. 40 minutes ago reply

spikebravo @McCainBlogette That’s sad. the only political prop in the mccain family is your father John “puppetboy” mccain. about 1 hour ago reply

zoeythegreat @allahpundit Meggie Mac’s tweet is ripe for a spot on PassiveAggressiveNotes.com. …. 4 days ago reply
MadisonRebel @allahpundit Less ad revenue lost than it would take to pay for one of Meggie Mac’s snacks 4 days ago reply

bluestate0fmind: That’s funny, I don’t date evangelical meat-eating conservatives. @McCainBlogette 6 days ago reply

SIRMATTHEWJ @YogaJKB thx 🙂 its tru. @McCainBlogette wnt date atheist or vegans or liberals lol. sry hun I wnt vote 4 tight ass GOP GOD freaks 6 days ago reply

spikebravo @McCainBlogette I’d date you, but I’d have to lower my standards. 4 days ago reply

SeaWuf @McCainBlogette Granted you’re not pregnant, a lesbian, a secret Democrat, know where Roswell is, or whatever. You’re still a spoiled bitch. 8 days ago reply

lukeondotorg @McCainBlogette ur an idiot. at least Ann Coutler can hold her own when debating Paul Begala.. unlike your performance on HBO 5 days ago reply
JaqobJackson @McCainBlogette Only the fucktard liberals consider the label “rock star” to be a compliment Meghan. Most rock stars are super stupid! 5 days ago reply

ChurchillDowns2 @McCainBlogette How come you’re always bragging about how fat you are? Any slob with no self-discipline can be fat. It’s not special. 3 days ago reply

Shenellelucille @McCainBlogette You are so rad! I’m so liberal!What does a straight girl gotta do to make her gay friends married They got rad wedding ideas 9 minutes ago reply

afed @mccainblogette bullshit about not having a mcgriddle in a month, you wouldn’t be so dumb if you didn’t hit mcdonald’s twice a day 38 minutes ago reply

KoreyDeVennish @Cindyhm1 The God’s honest truth is that Meghan comes across to many, many people EXACTLY like this: twitter/mccainboobette. 18 hours ago reply

KoreyDeVennish @McCainBlogette is belly-laugh funny. You really have no idea how utterly obnoxious you are, do you? Go to mccainboobette and find out. 19 hours ago reply

themouth: Catching up on back episodes of Real Time with Bill Maher; Meghan McCain holds up about as well under pressure as warm jello 11 hours ago reply
matt_randolph @McCainBlogette You’re still the most briliant human being in the GOP 26 seconds ago reply

hollyaberdeen @McCainBlogette You don’t make people in the media uncomfortable. You make us sick. You are spoiled rotten and need to grow up. 5 hours ago reply
LobsterBoatA @McCainBlogette It’s not the bikers, it’s not your dad, it’s not politics. It’s YOU. You, Meghan McCain, happen to be a pathetic asshole. yesterday reply
BriannaBecker: Dear Meghan McCain, You are not ANTM. However, modeling would be a better career for you. Models are seen and not heard. yesterday reply
schmange19: Following Meghan McCain on Twitter has been a good lesson in how not to act on Twitter. yesterday reply
BrandonGorman: THIS CLOSE to unfollowing Meghan McCain for her overabundance of annoying tweets. Calm yourself yesterday reply
NadiartTwo: LOL anyone been reading meghan mccain’s tweets? She’s all hot and horny for tattooed redneck bikers..the grimier the better yesterday reply
charyl: On Meghan McCain’s attempt to “romanticize” STURGIS, for chrissakes, and why she’s even THERE http://bit.ly/lYxTM yesterday reply

Plushe: It’s good to see that Meghan McCain isn’t a “family values” hypocrite, but must she look down on a good education? (ok, I’m finished) 2 days ago reply

mrjackolson @Plushe Thanks for turning me on to how cool Meghan McCain is. I better get a tatoo now and a nipple ring and a large bank account. 2 days ago reply

Plushe: “Fuck Harvard MBA’s, show me your nipple ring, Harley and arm sleeves of tattoos and I’ll run away with you” – Meghan McCain/GOP rising star 2 days ago reply

Plushe: Meghan McCain makes fun of Joe the Plumber, but little does she know they were separated at birth. 2 days ago reply
hololio2: Meghan McCain oohing about republican bikers in a place called Buffalo Chip, inviting us all to the greatest party ever. I may just vomit. 2 days ago reply

joshkmartin: I just #unfollowed Meghan McCain. She’s full of herself. Don’t know why I followed her anyways. 3 days ago reply

SkittleyWinks @mccainblogette http://twitpic.com/dc6z9 – OMG what did you do Meghan McCain?? You look like a 50 year old whore!! yesterday reply

jackbeasley: I was following Meghan McCain for awhile, but then realized she’s just a typical 20-something air head with a potty mouth. yesterday reply

thepartyofno @AderalApocalyps Meghan McCain is a WHORE 2 hours ago reply

rachooo: Meghan McCain could not annoy me more. #tcot 5 hours ago reply

haydenlink @McCainBlogette Talking down to someone in a public forum is not being “more human.” Jeez, Meghan McCain lives wayyyy off in her own world. 6 hours ago reply

Statchura @McCainBlogette You have a surprisingly small amount of self-awareness. Not unusual if you’re 10, but at 24 it’s not good. about 1 hour ago reply

pilarbower @mccainblogette u got some serious shoutout on keith olbermann tonight! hope the date went well. u are on a roll! 3 hours ago reply

BBQchknMadness: Can’t @McCainBlogette just realize she’s a ConservaDem and get it over with. It’s like a gay friend coming out. We all know already. 4 hours ago reply

alissamayer @McCainBlogette Hehe. I see Michelle’s pretty broken up about your stupid attack. Good God. To real women, you’re like a little gnat. 4 hours ago reply

skippyisahippie: can’t believe Laura Ingram”s (sp?) personal insults of Meghan McCain. Meghan is the voice for the rational conservatives. 2 hours ago reply

Meggion: Does Meghan McCain not know that people follow her on Twitter to laugh at her. …or maybe that’s just me. 6 hours ago reply

rachelwitter: I am following meghan mccain WILL I REGRET THIS LATER possibly 6 hours ago reply

BigDaveP @AlanDana wondering why anyone wastes the energy to slam Meghan McCain.. she’ll never make an ounce of difference in public life… 6 hours ago reply

RANDALLONRADIO: Reading Michelle Malkin’s book in prep for show… and Meghan McCain will one day (probably after kids) look back & wish hadn’t mouthed off 7 hours ago reply

WTPDavid: wishes Meghan McCain would start doing something instead of just talking about what everyone else is doing. 9 hours ago reply

ExurbanJon: Now Meggie Mac thinks conservatives disagree with her because she’s too edgy? She makes Heidi Montag look like a smack-addled beat poet. 14 hours ago reply

ravefamous @Racheezy were you getting your fuck on while Megan McCain was spewing opinionated bs 3 tweets long? Cause I’ve been there. What a cock blok 3 hours ago reply

freon500: megan mcCain is a troll shes a liberal who claims to be on the right she needs to go away maybe obama will make her CZAR of losers 20 hours ago reply

blackmistress: kinda over megan mccain & her biker rants. my bf has tats & used 2 own bikes. he’s also liberal. stfu about it miss mccain. 5 days ago reply

NomikiKonst: I feel a little like Megan McCain right now. Except I try not to use the word “like” 5x’s in one sentence. 6 days ago reply


Oh Meggersssss. Why do you make it so easy?

She’s so FAMOUS now, people are recognizing Meghan McCain all over.



Classy girl! You tell em’! We need awsumhott hotties like you in the GOP! You do it with such style, and grace, and, uh:


rockstarNot so fast there darlin’! Don’t you see just how much you and Ann Coulter have in common? Things you are known to be very proud of? You’re both Polemicists. Lots of people love you. Lots of people really hate you. You’re both blondies! And, you both adore excessive eye makeup.












Meghan, I know girls get really jealous of other girls sometimes, especially when they’re a lot like you in some ways, or when they’re more famous than you. I know you’re not really that bright, but I’d say even you should know that Ann would probably get recognized drinking a beer as well. Someone who likes her might even call her a “rockstar”. Even though your cute little ego won’t let you believe that, it’s true. You also didn’t really need to say something so childish and catty on your Twitter. I’d say you were being a…DUMBASS.

Grow up. Reflect your upbringing in a more appropriate way. Or don’t, actually. It’s helping me realize just who the other dumbasses are out there, whenever someone jumps to your defense. THANKS MEGS!


oh yeah.

oh yeah.