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Oh Meggersssss. Why do you make it so easy?

She’s so FAMOUS now, people are recognizing Meghan McCain all over.



Classy girl! You tell em’! We need awsumhott hotties like you in the GOP! You do it with such style, and grace, and, uh:


rockstarNot so fast there darlin’! Don’t you see just how much you and Ann Coulter have in common? Things you are known to be very proud of? You’re both Polemicists. Lots of people love you. Lots of people really hate you. You’re both blondies! And, you both adore excessive eye makeup.












Meghan, I know girls get really jealous of other girls sometimes, especially when they’re a lot like you in some ways, or when they’re more famous than you. I know you’re not really that bright, but I’d say even you should know that Ann would probably get recognized drinking a beer as well. Someone who likes her might even call her a “rockstar”. Even though your cute little ego won’t let you believe that, it’s true. You also didn’t really need to say something so childish and catty on your Twitter. I’d say you were being a…DUMBASS.

Grow up. Reflect your upbringing in a more appropriate way. Or don’t, actually. It’s helping me realize just who the other dumbasses are out there, whenever someone jumps to your defense. THANKS MEGS!


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oh yeah.

oh yeah.


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